1. Read the sampletechnical document and take notes as you read. Then write asummary of the document,2. Point out three or four problems

1. Read the sample technical document and take notes as you read. Then write a
summary of the document,
2. Point out three or four problems you noticed in the sample technical document
and explain how you would fix them.
3. Brainstorm some visual aids that would work well with the sample document,
and list four or five multimedia elements you might add to the document,

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  1. the passage can be best described as: "the british legislature extended an unwarranted jurisdiction".

    we can say that because the text clearly states how the people of the colonies warned the british about their excessive desire to rule over them, without taking into consideration the difficulties their brothers had experienced in america: they struggled to establish the colonies, to adapt to new types of weather, fight with the natives, etc., and how they now see (or then saw) the only way out was to cut all ties with the british, since they ignored the people's petitions.

  2. as for symbolic actions, the narrator's tearing down the wallpaper in an attempt to find the "woman" in the wallpaper represents her struggle to retain or regain her sanity.   the wallpaper has been part of her confinement and by her tearing it down, she is freeing herself from that confinement.

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