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  1. Basic algebra equation. first set up your equation: [tex]9 \times 2x + 4 = 72[/tex]divide out 9.[tex]2x + 4 = 8[/tex]and now you are left with 2x + 4 = 8.

  2. sin²θ

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Using the trigonometric identities

    sin²x + cos²x = 1 ⇒ cos²x = 1 - sin²x

    cotx = [tex]\frac{cosx}{sinx}[/tex]



    = [tex]\frac{cos^20}{\frac{cos^20}{sin^20} }[/tex]

    = cos²θ × [tex]\frac{sin^20}{cos^20}[/tex] ( cancel the cos²θ )

    = sin²θ

  3. both graphs increase on their domain

    neither graph has a y-intercept

    step-by-step explanation:

    the following points can be visualized easily from the graph

    there is a hike in both the graphs so the graphs are increasing on their domain.x-intercept of log x and log 6x are differentthere is a vertical asymptote of both the graphs so there is no y-interceptas both the graphs are increasing so there is no horizontal asymptote

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