1. What were the benefits of child labor? 2. What were the drawbacks of child labor?

1. What were the benefits of child labor?

2. What were the drawbacks of child labor?

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  1. 1.The benefits of child labour is that you can get them to do stuff for you like machines do now

    2. The bad thing is that they can't do much because they weren't fed so they had no muscle

  2. #2 Jane Addams fulfilled her dream of helping poor children and providing them with opportunities.

    #4 Jane Addams believed that justice was achieved through the work of individuals and the government.


    Jane believed that the economically disadvantaged people needed help to live a quality life. She dreamed of helping people and promoting social justice, as well as helping them to meet their needs. She believed that justice was not only the responsibility of the government, but also of individuals who were able to promote it as she did.

    With this kind of thinking Jane was able to help countless people, promoting a quality of life that they had never experienced and allowing them to have better opportunities.

  3. Q 1: The plantation’s children were educated by tutors.

    Q 2: It influenced ragtime and jazz music.

    Q 3: Enslaved people provided a large, inexpensive workforce to farm labor-intensive cash crops.

    Q 4: ( i believe it is all except enacting the slave codes )

    Q 5: It grew by more than 3 million people.


  4. hi snowcool!


    How was life on a plantation different from life on a yeoman’s farm?

    C. The yeoman’s children were educated in private schools.

    Yeoman and Planter Cultures

    •The goal of the yeoman were to be self-sufficiently epitomized by kinship and community ties

    •An elite class of the time

    •Planters had a more just life than the yeomen

    How did the culture of enslaved African Americans influence American society?

    B. It created strong family units.

    Africans, since the first settlements of America, have had an influence on the language, manners, religion, literature, music, art and dance of the nation.  

    One of the most crucial problems in the city is the low-status black family, which can have African origins.  

    In the political space, the struggle for civil rights in the United States since its inception has been linked to the struggle for African freedom, and American black intellectuals have been identified with the culture of the beginning of the century, an accelerated identification since 1956 with the formation of the International Society of African Culture and the American Society of African Culture.  

    With all this, the United States must deal with a considerable African presence in the United Nations.

    How did plantation owners benefit from the labor of enslaved people?

    D. Enslaved people provided a large, inexpensive workforce to farm labor-intensive cash crops.

    As a result, slaves became a legal form of property that could be used as collateral in commercial transactions or to pay outstanding debts. Slaves constituted a considerable part of a planter's property, becoming a source of tax revenue for state and local governments. A kind of sales tax was also applied to slave transactions.

    How did abolitionists fight slavery?

    D. by supporting the Underground Railroad

    The abolitionists employed some strategies to persuade the American public and its leadership to end slavery.

    The most famous of all abolitionist activities was the underground railway, an assistance network and safe houses for runaway slaves. The underground railroad extended from the southern states to Canada, and until 1865 it provided shelter, security and guidance to thousands of runaway slaves.

    According to the chart, how did the population of enslaved people change between 1790 and 1860?

    A. It grew by more than 3 million people.

  5. answer:

    Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. ... Cells have many parts, each with a different function.


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  6. an informal structure in a bureaucracy would be something like so-called "office politics". where there's a formal structure set up for the organization, but then an informal subculture as well that has a way of organizing the bureaucracy further. this can be positive because it sets up an added degree of organization, albeit informal, within the bureaucracy.

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