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  1. answer: evaluate the objective function at each vertex to determine which - and -values, if any, maximize or minimize the function. example: find the minimum value and maximum value of the objective function f ( x , y ) = 4 x + 5 y , subject to the following constraints

  2. Basic algebra equation. first set up your equation: [tex]9 \times 2x + 4 = 72[/tex]divide out 9.[tex]2x + 4 = 8[/tex]and now you are left with 2x + 4 = 8.

  3. describing distributions is one of the key skills you’ll need to earn a high score on the ap statistics exam. if you need proof of this, just flip through some past exam questions, which can be found at the collegeboard website. you’ll notice that the first free response question is almost always a question requiring you to look at a graph and describe it.

    step-by-step explanation: just trying to get points sorry : (

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