2. The organizational structure in paragraph 3 presents information in a clear and logical way by-A comparing and contrasting

2. The organizational structure in paragraph 3 presents information in a clear and logical way by- A comparing and contrasting the two sides of the anti-Shakespeare debate to show readers which makes the most sense.
B. listing examples of media support for anti-Shakespeare ideas to support the topic of the paragraph stated in the first sentence.
C. using a cause and effect text structure to explain why so many people believe Shakespeare probably wasn't Shakespeare,
O D. organizing information sequentially in chronological order to help readers understand when anti-Shakespeare ideas became popular.

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  2. Amazing effort, and it actually seems pretty accurate and well targeted. If I were your teacher I would give you an A+ because that is actually true and very well focused.



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  4. (this is for the connections quiz) D, stamp, quartering act, smuggling, BD, B, Charles Cornwallis is the British general, Marquis is the French general, and John Jay is the American diplomat, idk this one, B, strengths - ability to make laws, mutual defense, weaknesses- dependence on states fir funds, unicameral legislature, causes - states refusal, governments inability to tax, effects - new constitutional, influential men, B, paragraph, B, A, C, paragraph


  5. all i know is the first one its D


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