*4. IDENTIFYING CAUSEAND EFFECTFill in the flowchart to showhow the repeal of the StampAct led

Fill in the flowchart to show
how the repeal of the Stamp
Act led to the passage of the
Coercive Acts.
Parliament passes the
Declaratory Act, stating that
it can tax the colonies and
make all decisions for them.

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  1. The answer is Flowchart.

    A flowchart identifies sequences of ordered events. It is a visual diagram that shows the process or workflow in specific steps with boxes or shapes connected by lines or directional arrows.  They are very useful organizational aids.

  2. Since we are talking about an aid that would provide an inside to a cause and effect via ordered events, I can say that the best organizational aid to present this is a FLOWCHART. From the term itself, this includes a series of movements or happenings presented in a sequential manner. Hope this answers your question. 

  3. B. A flowchart of a sequence of events


    Having the flowchart of the sequence of activities starting from the large undersea earthquakes, to the displacement of the waves above the sea, the troughs and peaks and finally the effects of the tsunami on anything in its path.

    This sequence of events would be best in keeping track of what a tsunami is like

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