A base is lost/ or taken out.

A base is lost/ or taken out.

[tex]A base is lost/ or taken out.[/tex]

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  1. emerging idea only occurs as a raw idea that could appear out of nowhere. meanwhile, to reach scientific consensus , that idea must be structured and tested over and over again through various experiments. the scientific consensus transforms the raw idea into idea that is more reliable through the process of scientific elimination.

  2. the correct answer is - d. china has a large and growing population.

    the fact that china has a large (the biggest) population, and it is still growing, doesn't hinder the agriculture production in the country. in fact, it can for increased production in the agriculture, since there's more labor force, as well the sheer mass of people produces lots of scientists that come up with new inventions as to how to improve this sector. nice example is the inner mongolia region in china, in general dominated by the gobi desert, but few scientist came up with a nice idea as to how to make the region productive by using plants that are very resistant to droughts, so lots of people have been employed, and the region is becoming greener and greener each year, and the production of food in this region is also increasing.

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