A) Malcolm X states that the civil rights struggle must be elevated to a human rights struggle. Why does he believe that this distinction

A) Malcolm X states that the civil rights struggle must be elevated to a human rights struggle. Why does he believe that this distinction is important? B) Based on this reading, what is black nationalism?

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  1. A) Elevating it to a human rights struggle shows that it affects everyone. No matter where you live are how much money you make, the one thing that we all have in common is that they faced oppression from the white man. Changing it also means that it's brought before the UN and can be dealt with quickly rather than under the jurisdiction of Uncle Sam.

    B) Black nationalism means "equality of opportunity." Basically means that opportunities would be equal if blacks had their own separate nation.


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  2. Malcolm X radically transformed the idea of the struggle for equality, proclaiming the famous formula for the struggle against segregation, but for separation. Paying attention to the fundamental difference between these concepts, he emphasized that segregation is imposed on lower ones by those who are superior to them, and separation is what is done voluntarily, by two equal parties for their mutual well-being. He sharply criticized the practice of nonviolent action.

    In the spring of 1964, X officially left the “Nation of Islam,” declaring the creation of his own organization, the Muslim Mosque. It was based on a pronounced “ethnic agenda,” as Malcolm declared on March 12, 1964 in the so-called Declaration of Independence: “Black political nationalism will be our political philosophy.” A month later, speaking at a rally in Cleveland, he deciphered this concept as follows: “The political philosophy of black nationalism means that a black person must control politics and politicians in his own community.”

    Many consider Malcolm X the most influential orator of the Nation of Islam after Elijah Muhammad. He is often recognized as the ‘creator’ of success associated with a sharp increase in the size of the organization: according to one of the authors, from the beginning of the fifties to the beginning of the sixties, the number of members of the Nation increased from five hundred to twenty-five thousand, while the other indicates the numbers 1200 and 50,000 or 70,000, respectively. He managed to inspire the famous boxer Cassius Clay, who joined the Nation.

    It is impossible to cross out Malcolm X from the history of the struggle for the civil rights of African-Americans in the USA. Indeed, despite all his shortcomings and mistakes, he, in louder manner and more furiously than other figures of that era formulated a demand for the US authorities to eliminate any discrimination against African Americans and begin to treat a black citizen as a sovereign human person.

    A marginal phenomenon in the early 20th century, black nationalism, less than 100 years later became mainstream in the American political, social, and cultural spheres, giving rise to such movements as the Black Lives Matter.  


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  3. Alink on the first question you want answered, i believe it will you understand why he believes that this distinction is important. and to your second question, black nationalism is the public support of separate national status for black people, especially in the us. don't plagiarize the article, i'm sure your teacher will find out!   hope this .

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