A200 kg satellite is lifted to an orbit of 2.2×10^4 km radius. if the radius and mass of the earth

A200 kg satellite is lifted to an orbit of 2.2×10^4 km radius. if the radius and mass of the earth are 6.36×10^6 m and 5.98×10^24 kg respectively, how much additional potemtial energy is required to lift the satellite?

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  1. 4409.245 lbs

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Can lift = 1.2 x Body Weight

    Can lift = L

    Body Weight = W

    L = 1.2W

    If L is 2,400 kg, then let's solve for W.

    2400 = 1.2W

    divide by 1.2 on both sides.

    2000kg = W

    Now convert 2000kg to lbs.

    4409.245 lbs

  2. So we want to know which statement is true for the body of mass m=2000kg that is lifted to a height of h=15m in t=15 s. Lets calculate each of the following: Gravity force on the body is F=m*g=2000*9.81=19620 N so a is FALSE. Potential energy of the body when it is lifted to the height of 15 m is Ep=m*g*h=2000*9.81*15=294300 J so b is FALSE. Work to lift the body is: W=Fg*h=2000*9.81*15= Ep=294300 J so c is FALSE. Power P=W/t=294300/15=19620 W So d is TRUE.

  3. 8 full meters of gravel can be safely lifted. in this case if you get a decimal you should round down because if you round up it won’t be safe

  4. 2000 + 1500g ≤ 15000
    1500g ≤ 15000 - 2000
    1500g ≤ 13000
    g ≤ 13000/1500
    g ≤ 8 2/3

    Therefore, the crane can safely lift a maximum of 8 2/3 cubic meters of gravel.

  5. The maximum load the crane can support is 15,000kg. The gravel and bucket load’s mass is 2000 + 1500 = 3500. The number of loads the crane can lift at one time is 15,000/3500 = 4.3 to one decimal place. Therefore, it can lift 4.3 cubic meters each time.

  6. Since the bucket has already a mass of 2,000 kg, therefore the maximum mass of gravel would only be:

    15,000 kg – 2,000 kg = 13,000 kg gravel


    Solving for volume:

    volume = 13,000 kg / (1,500 kg / 1 m^3)

    volume = 8.67 m^3


    Therefore about 8.67 cubic meter of gravel can be safely loaded by the crane.

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