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  1. Somatic Pain


    Pain is when the nervous system percieves tissue damage. Somatic pain is the kind of pain that occurs over the musculoskeletal system, this includes muscles, bones and other soft tissues, it can be superficial (skin or mocous membranes) or deep (joints, bones, tendons, muscles).

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  2. The question is incomplete as it does not have the option which are:

    visceral pain somatic pain referred pain phantom painindigenous pain

    Somatic pain


    Somatic pain is a type of pain that arises from the injuries in the skin, connective tissue, the skeletal muscles and joints.  The presence of nociceptive receptors in these tissue gets activated by the temperature, vibrations or swelling.

    When the receptors get activated in the internal tissue of the musculoskeletal system that is in the joints, connective tissue causes deep somatic pain and the receptors in the skin, and mucous membrane then causes superficial pain.

    Thus, somatic pain is the correct answer.

  3. It is called a fasciculus. Also, it is surrounded by a layer of connective tissue called the perineurium.

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