All of the following are important steps in beginning a career in the digital arts except a) getting an advanced degree,

All of the following are important steps in beginning a career in the digital arts except

a) getting an advanced degree, like a phd

b) attending a college or certificate program

c) learning as much as you can about art and art history

d) building your skills in the area of digital arts that is your specialty

i hate digtial design

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    data base administrator


    software engineer


    conducting a usability study


    all engineering majors, all science majors, all arts majors, and digital arts majors

  2. Explanation:

    Resilience is important because things can be hard when doing somthing virtual these days and we could be tempted to give up. But we have to keep trying because we need to believe in uorselves.

  3. Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. Since the 1960s, various names have been used to describe the process, including computer art and multimedia art. Digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art.

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    According to Study, Some artists use materials like paints and brushes to create art. Today, many others also use modern means of exploring creativity, like video technology, television, and computers. This type of art is called digital art. Digital art is work made with digital technology or presented on digital technology.


    Hope this helps! <3


  5. the color wheel is useful because it shows and (sometimes) tells you what colors are.

    Secondary colors are the colors you get when you mix two primary colors together, red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange, and yellow and blue make green. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, red and green, orange and blue, and yellow and purple.

    to put it simply yes, paint and crayons together would be multimedia, no digital art needed

    A1) In movies that include animals, its not always possible to get real trained animals or even untrained ones to behave how the directors want them to. So CGI enables non-human characters to act the way we want them to.

    A2) In fantasy movies, we know that almost all the things are not scientifically possible. And due to that, its not possible to create such fantastical scenes in real life. CGI allows us to bring human imagination to life, even though its scientifically impossible.

    It will give you experience in the digital art workforce

    I hope this helps

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