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  1. B

    Explanation: The passage seems to praise Ramses and portrays him as an influential figure. It also brings up the structure he built, so therefore B would be the most fitting answer.

  2. the answer is A


    The passage talks mainly about the way they rhyme, for example the quote "Limericks have five lines that rhyme AABBA, and they're sometimes rude or vulgar go the point of the obscenity." And the quote, "Haikus are another type of short poem, containing only three lines and 17 syllables."

    I hope this helps! ^^


  3. B. AABB


    the rhyme scheme is AABB

    the last two words of the first two lines, still and will, rhyme. they represent AA in the rhyme scheme.

    the last words of the latter two lines, done and won, rhyme with each other. they represent BB.

    i hope this helped you

  4. On one side of the square, it is 4.5 units long. The formula in finding the area of a square is A = s^2, where s is for side. The formula can also be A = s * s in which both formulas are the same and will result in the same answer. So overall, the area of the square is 20.25 or 20 ¼ square units. Hope this helps!

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