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  1. answer: your like me reserved loud around those i'm comfortable with, i don't like to be in crowds because i'm not social basically i'm pretty reserved, and also because of a trauma i got lost in an auditorium in between a huge crowd so whenever i'm in a crowd i get anxiety. i cant be apart from my mom even in stores,. i'm not a cheerleader or anything just home drawing, crocheting, baking, my cousin with some video games and his lego creations, watch you tube in my free time love baseball and soccer! my favorite music would be classical, k pop, or just listening to the melodies of the music of the video games. i play the piano a bit im still learning. tho i play pretty good. oh and even around my it weird but it just how it is.. like literally. ( my favorite video game is smash bros ultimate my main is roy)


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