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  1. no slope.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    to find the slope, you should graph this out and see what the slope of the line is.

    The x values are increasing, however, the y values show no change.

    to find slope, you should know it is rise over run.

    rise is going up (or down for negative)

    run is going from side to side

    the rise doesn't go anywhere! it is going up 0 units!

    the run is going over 4.

    this turns into a fraction of 0/4 because rise/run

    due to the rule of fractions, a zero over the fraction means 0

    there is no slope to this table!

    i hope this helped you!

    stay safe!


    shown below is a desmos graph i created from the table to show you the line this table created 🙂

  2. c). to prevent any future wars


    The objectives of the League included disarmament, the prevention of war through collective security, the settlement of disputes between countries through negotiation diplomacy and the improvement of global welfare.

    hope this helped!

  3. How come the characters are juxtaposed?


    The writer uses juxtaposition in the story,"Of mice and Men" to contrast Lenny being big and dumb whilst on the other hand George is smart but small.


    How does the Title ¨Of Mice and Men¨ relate to the overall plot of the story?

    How does the allusions of the story ¨Of Mice and Men¨ associate and/or accent the plot?

  5. We can use the points (-4, -2) and (0, -2) to solve.

    Slope formula: y2-y1/x2-x1

    = -2-(-2)/0-(-4)

    = 0/4

    The slope is 0.

    Best of Luck!

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