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  1. the correct answer is a) "catholic church".

    the proposals that liberals in mexico made during 1855 were particularly focused on a person's individual rights, such as the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, freedom of assembly, and the right to possess weapons.

    when the constitution was formally published 2 years later (1857). it also contained an article which permitted education free from any religious influence, the removal of the catholic church institutional privileges, and the sale of property belonging to the church. all of these provisions were clearly against the catholic church interests.  

  2. first, we define the variables:

    x: number of years after 1950

    f (x): amount of vinyl sold.

    then, with the variables defined, we have:

    68594 vinyl records were sold in 1958 > f (8) = 68594

    91299 vinyl records were sold in 1961 > f (11) = 91299

    38720 vinyl records were sold in 1952 > f (2) = 38720

    161743 vinyl records were sold in 1967 > f (17) = 161743

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    step-by-step explanation:

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