Assume instead of the military-equipment issue, Thomas’s religion required that he take a break at

Assume instead of the military-equipment issue, Thomas’s religion required that he take a break at noon every day to take illegal drugs. The drugs are considered "Schedule 1" drugs, meaning the government has evaluated them and determined that the drugs have no medicinal value but have a high risk of addiction or serve as "gateway" drugs, leading users to even more serious drugs. The state relies on studies linking drug use to criminal activity and violence.17.A court is likely to find that the state’s interest in reducing illegal drug activity, with the associated criminal activity, is a interest that would justify violating Thomas’s religious freedom.18.16. If the court considers the state’s reasons sufficient, it is likely to find that the regulation that violates Thomas’s religious freedom is if the regulation is the only way to meet that government objective

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  1. CompellingValid


    A compelling interest refers to a choice that is not made out of choice but out of necessity. In Thomas's case, as the drug is considered a gateway drug that might get him addicted to others that might then lead him to a life of crime, it is necessary that his actions are nipped in the bud and that would work by violating Thomas's religious freedom and justifiably so.

    If the court considers the state's reasons sufficient, then the regulation that violated Thomas's religious freedom is valid and should not be struck down because it is the only way that the Governmental objective of lower crime can be achieved in this instance.

  2.   a. compelling  

    b. valid


    A. Compelling interest in simple words mean the interest of the government. In this scenario, as per the judgement of supreme court of united states, the interest of govt. outweigh the interest of an individual.

    B. As the rule is govt. interest comes first, if the states proves its side with efficient reasons then the regulation would be considered completely sufficient.

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