9. Find the area of a circle having a circumference of 382. Round to the nearest tenth. Use 3.14 for 1. a. 1133.5 units b. 1078.6

Math honestly sucks you get me?

Isla is dividing 3×3 x2 – 12x – 4 by x 2 using a division table. Quotient Divisor 3×2 – 5x – 2 x 3×3 –5×2 –2x 2 6×2 A

Alexis went on vacation with her family to the desert. While she was there she took pictures of the

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Help asap will give BRAINLIEST8. Which molecule is primarily used to store information? O Carbohydrates O Nucleic Acid O Protein

Hoose an article from the Onion, about which to write an analysis essay. Use at least two of the satirical rhetorical strategies you have learned. Don’t

In a physics lab, you attach a 0.200-kg air-track glider to the end of an ideal spring of negligible mass and start it oscillating.

Did christopher columbus found america about how many years?

You are performing CPR on your uncle who collapsed at a family gathering where you are the only trained BLS provider. If possible,