1. a metal with 3 valence electrons, used in cans.2. a period 3 element that will not react naturally.3. has 5 valence

243am95 was present when earth formed, but it decayed over time. the first three steps in this decay

Which fraction is equivalent to 2/6Please hurry and answer this question

Explain how each of the following added to farmer discontent: a: debt b: increased shipping rates c: bonanza farming

1. what is the elevation of points d j g 2. what is the approximate elevation of points c a 3. a)

Which set o parametric equations represents the function y=3x^2-29x+64?

When outliers are removed, how does the mean change?​

Betty draws cards randomly from a box containing 8 cards of the same shape and size. There is 2 red cards, 3 blue cards, and 3 yellow cards. She draws

In 2009, eric whitacre’s music was heard by millions of people, who could watch and listen through his

Question: Two years ago, my age was four times the age of my son, eight years ago my age was ten times