On a scale drawling with the scale of 1 in to 5ft to aflagpole is 4 inches tall how tall is the actual flagpole

The baker likes to make cookies. The graph shows w proportional relationship between cups of flour use and the number of cookies made. What does the point

What solutions are part of the solution set ?2y+2x-3<0y-3x<1

X= -2,5asymptotic? what is the asymptote?​

What is the purpose of a pretrial​ hearing? a. requesting the other party to produce all documents

Why are you gæ?who says I’m gæ?you are gæ​

Can someone help me with these french questions plsIts a total of 8 questions im going to post about but on this one im only going

Joshua has 5 pieces of wood that each measure 3 and 3/4 feet long. he uses 1/2 of the wood for a school

Patricia made a 50% on her science tests. If she got 14 problems correct, how many questionswere on

Craig buys some flooring with a length of 12 feet and width 4 feet. one fourth of the flooring is blue and the rest is green. what is the area of the