Ayuda por fa con estos ejercicios por fa urgente

Ayuda por fa con estos ejercicios por fa urgente

[tex]Ayuda por fa con estos ejercicios por fa urgente[/tex]

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  1. to plot points   for x just start at the origin (middle) and go to the left however many times it say(if the number is a positive) if the number is a negative then go right however many times it says if it is 0 go nowhere

    now keep you pencil there and go up however many times it says on y(if it is positive) if it is negative then go down however many times it says. if it says 0 go nowhere.

    you have just plotted a point! now when you finish plotting all of them connect them with a ruler

    plot each point as (-3, 7), (0,4), (3,1), (8,-4)   in the parenthesis on the left of the comma is x and the right is y.

  2. No soy muy buena con álgebra pero te recomiendo esta app que se llama “Symbolab” donde solo tienes que escanear la tarea y te da la respuesta.

  3. Step-by-step explanation:

    A ball is thrown straight up from a rooftop 320 feet high. The formula below describes the ball's height above the ground, h, in feet, t seconds after it was thrown. The ball misses the rooftop on its way down and eventually strikes the ground. How long will it take for the ball to hit the ground? Use this information to provide tick marks with appropriate numbers along the horizontal axis in the figure shown.


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