Background music is a part what listening?

Background music is a part what listening?

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  1. B. Watching TV


    Opportunity cost is a term used used to express cost in terms of forgone alternatives. It is a sacrifice made in order to choose something else.

    Opportunity cost also refers to the gain, enjoyment, benefits that one would have gain but looses such as a result of preferring one alternative to another. With regards to the above, the opportunity cost of reading is watching TV because one must sacrifice watching TV for a book, hence reading a book means that there will be no TV to watch.

  2. Dr. Sanders has committed what is called in the scientific field as

    Research bias.


    The research bias happens when a scientists influences the final results to a desired conclusion, which could happen by ignoring relevant data that doesn't match his expectations or only highlight the results he was looking for.

     This is a severe violation that can bring horrible consequences to the scientific community.

  3. The independent variable is the type of music.the dependent variable is the pulse rate.the intervening variable is the age of the subject.if the mother does not like rock, her pulse is likely to not increase.the same might be true for the sister.the friend may like rap and gets establish cause/effect relationship, all of the subjects must be consistent.hope i .

  4. Awnser 3

    i would say it would be 3 because everything is tied up nicely but three really is different from everything and isn’t really needed

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