Before he was president Eisenhower was a general ,What war is he in?

Before he was president Eisenhower was a general ,What war is he in?

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  1. Hey, there! The answer to this question will be, He was a Five-Star general in WW2 and his role that he played was to plan the invasion of North Africa, this operation was called "Operation Torch".

    Sources: Took AP History and WW2 Enthusiast. 

  2. He was a commanding officer in World War 2, he helped launch the D-Day attack on Normandy and the invasion of Europe.

  3. The correct answer is: Eisenhower was a general in World War II. He was fighting in North Africa, France and Germany.
    (he became the president in 1953, 8 years after the end of second world war. )
    He was also the Governor of the American Zone of Occupied Germany

  4. General Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces
    (our side) in Europe in World War II.

    We recently commemorated the 70th anniversary of 'D-Day' ... the allied
    landing on the beaches along the north coast of France on June 6, 1944,
    that touched off the expulsion of the Nazis from France.

    General Eisenhower was the #1 man at the top, who was finally responsible
    for giving the "GO" signal on D-Day.

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