Can I have help with this question (It’s in the picture)​

Can I have help with this question
(It's in the picture)​

[tex]Can I have help with this question (It's in the picture)​[/tex]

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  1. First line of defense  ⇒ mechanical barriers that prevent microorganisms from entering the body

    Second line of defense  ⇒ cells and prosses that help remove or neutralize organisms that have penetrated mechanical barriers.

    Third line of defense  ⇒ complex defense that recognizes and reacts to specific organisms.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Afew buddies come over to your house to hang out. they notice you're struggling in school, perhaps you have to rely on to pass your class, but you can't absorb the knowledge. they could positively reinforce getting a tutor and working with you, dedicating more time to the areas of struggle and less on hanging out to better yourself.secondly, say you're the victim of bullying. you're afraid to tell an adult because of possible repercussions from the bully himself. your friends encouraging you and pushing you towards telling an adult for your safety is another example. 

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