Can someone me with this? i’m lost. to borrow money at a rate of r, which loan plan

Can someone me with this? i'm lost.
to borrow money at a rate of r, which loan plan should you choose ­­one compounding 4 times a year or 12 times a year? explain your choice.

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  1. Let ' a number ' = x

    twice a number = 2x

    The sum of 2x and three = 2x + 3

    ...equals five: 2x + 3 = 5

    Find the number

    2x + 3 = 5

    Isolate the x. Do the opposite of PEMDAS. Note that because of the equal sign, what you do to one side, you do to the other.

    Subtract 3 from both sides
    2x + 3 (-3) = 5 (-3)

    2x = 5 - 3

    2x = 2
    divide 2 from both sides
    2x/2 = 2/2

    x = 2/2

    x = 1

    x = 1 is your answer

    hope this helps

  2. Do they mean like give you an expression/equation or to tell them what kind. For example, “Distribution, Combine like terms, Substitution,etc.”

  3. $22.08

    Step-by-step explanation:

    As long as the night power is not greater than 50%, then the rate is $8.71365.

    The day power plan is $13.3672, according to the narration the sum of both variable is required, which is $22.08085.

  4. you turn that into 2/3*x +4=7 i belive and then you simply just solve for X


    i could be wrong though i plugged it into my calculator and got 4 1/2

  5. 2n + 3 = 5 
    2n = 2
    n = 1
    the sum of 2 times a number and three means you add 2n + 3 and since it is equal to 5 you then solve for n.

  6. A.

    well, the points don't look like they are on the line but they actually are (plot twist)

    since (0,0) is on th egarph

    f(x)=ax²+bx+0 or

    find a and b
    sub points



    use those 2 equations

    eliminate b
    multiply first equation by -4.8 and 2nd by 2.6 and add them
    32.24=59.904a-12.48b +

    divide both sides by 27.456
    find b


    da equation is
    [tex]y= \frac{-5.68}{27.456} x^2+ \frac{12.4+\frac{130.8672}{27.456}}{4.8}x[/tex]

    c. the roots are found with your calculator
    the roots are at x=0 and x=17.287323943662
    so very close to the target but not exactly on it
    if the target has a radius of 0.287323943662 or more then it will hit the target

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