Can someone please read this and tell me if its too personal to submit as a reflection?The song that’s had a big impact on me is Burning

Can someone please read this and tell me if its too personal to submit as a reflection? The song that’s had a big impact on me is Burning Pile by Mother Mother. It’s one of my favorites for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it's just a great song to just sit and cry too but still feel powerful, or make you feel like the main character sitting outside at midnight. A section of the song that really stands out to me is ‘All my troubles on a burning pile, All lit up and I start to smile If I catch fire then I'll change my aim Throw my troubles at the world again.’ and it stands out to me because it's just really comforting to me, that the troubles that were just bothering them so much were burning and they’re just smiling at it, its just a really nice thing to imagine, which might be weird but it gets me through another day so I suppose whatever works works. Another set of lyrics that stands out to me is ‘All your woe bygones be gone I said all your troubles, you don't need a thing’ and it stands out to me because again, its comforting to me, but also because what I think of is their trying to tell this person (me, for instance) that it’s all going to be fine and that just if the problems and troubles of everything around us disapeered we wouldn’t need anything, that’s all we could wish for. Or maybe it’s just what I want to think it is because I’m desperate for everything to be ok, so it might not be accurate for someone else but isn’t a big part of listening to music or poetry interpreting what you think it's about? The whole song is just a really good song to listen to on full blast which is what i'm doing while writing this. The whole album ‘O My Heart’ is really comforting to listen to in a villain way, like the misunderstood villain of a book was trying to help me and tell me everythings ok. It makes me want to become the villain, but not in the world we live in, in a place faraway in a book filled with enemies, lovers, adventure, and just magic. When I listen to this i can just imagine its happening, that I’m there in my imaginary world where no one can stop me and I can just ride through a flower of meadows with my bow and arrow on my back in the middle of night chasing the lover I long to be with, but it being impossible since im the antagonist and their the protagonist. Anywho, it’s a really good song and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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  1. Yes, just because one had a disability doesn't change the meaning of the word. they would most likely have an (whatever language) sign language to sign what's going on. it would be the same even if he was blind.

  2. a.) literature that explores grotesque characters and eerie, violent occurrences in a dreary setting.

    [tex]Which of the following best describes gothic literature?[/tex]

  3. A. Bud's


    The giveaway sentence in the text is, "Come give me a hand, Bud,' he said to me," in which Thune addresses Bud. The narrator (Bud) does not describe him addressing "Bud," but rather, "me."

    Not sure if that makes any sense but I hope this helps.

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