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  1. step-by-step explanation:

    through just a quick inspection, one can see that the graph of this cubing function starts in quadrant iii and ends in quadrant i.   when x = 0, y = 3, so the y-intercept is (0, 3).

    if graphs are part of the problem statement, share them.   .

  2. 1. Newton's First Law of Motion

    2.Newton's Third Law of Motion

    3.Newton's Third Law of Motion

    4.Newton's Second Law of Motion

    5.Newton's Third Law of Motion

    6.Newton's Second Law of Motion

    7.Newton's First Law of Motion


    Newton's First Law of Motion states that an object remain at rest or moving with a uniform velocity unless an external force acts on it. This is the law of inertia

    Newton's Second Law of Motion states that the force of an objects is the product of mass and acceleration.

    Newton's Third Law of Motion states that when two objects interact, a pair of forces act on the objects, and they are equal and act in opposite directions.

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