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  1. The mean is not the same thing as median
    median is the middle number, but you have a par set of numbers, so your median will be the middle numbers 78,81,85,87 , which are 81+85=166, 166/2=83
    83 is your median

  2. question 1:

    five feet below: -5

    six feet below: -6

    -5 is greater than -6

    question 2:

    a: 28 degrees

    b: -13 degrees

    c: 41 degrees

    d: the change is 17 degrees

    question 3:

    difference is 8 degrees

    Step-by-step explanation:

    have a great day! hope this helps!

  3. A fire alarm system has several devices working together to detect and warn people when smoke, or fire or other emergencies are present. Fire alarm sounders can be installed to certain frequencies and different tones including low, medium, and high. They are for detecting dense smoke and they are less prone to false alarms from cooking fumes or shower steam. Unfortunately, they're sensitive to dust particles and insects, meaning that regular maintenance is required. Ionization smoke alarms are excellent at identifying kitchen fires. Nevertheless, ionization alarms are prone to false alarms possibly due to high humidity since humidity provides dense moisture particles. Another type of smoke alarm is a photoelectric smoke alarm that tends to respond faster to smoke generated by the burning flames. A disadvantage is it is costly as well as it is predisposed to nuisance alarms from dust and insects and must be kept clean.

    (I hope this is good)

  4. Best way i can explain it is the little lamb seems like shrek "love and life" but the tiger one sounds like pure rage .-. hard to explain evidence would be the messaged conveyed/ difference in tone

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