Can you guys please help me I would really appreciate it

Can you guys please help me
I would really appreciate it

[tex]Can you guys please help me I would really appreciate it[/tex]

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  1. 1) You do have the freedom to act only if you are doing good for the world.

    2) There is no chance/probability of picking act(B) because the fortune teller already know that you will be picking act(A). Even if you were to pick act(B), the fortune teller will know it beforehand.

    The fortune teller is always going to say the truth. So he/she can read your mind clearly. If the teller is good he will definitely judge your choices on changing the world; if bad, then he/she will probably leave you to make bad choices which will bring you alone in trouble. The best thing you could do to change the world to a better place is to ask the teller or someone smarter for some advices before you decide.

  2. This example is trying to teach you the terms "Pre-destination" and "freewill". Essentially, it is trying to say that if everything is pre-destined by God (or to make it secular, the fortune-teller), do you still have free-will to choose what you want to do.

    The answer is, yes, you do have freewill. When you are on the spot, you are given choices, and you are able to choose the choice you want to make, even if the fortune-teller/God already knows what you are going to take.

    Let us take an extremely greedy person who only thinks to benefit himself for example. If such a person is asked if they would rather take $1.00 to 25¢, while you may not know what he will take before hand, you can have a really good idea of what he will take, which is the $1.00. Predestination makes it so that it is 100% certain that he will take the $1.00. However, he still technically has the choice of taking the 25¢ at that moment, and so he still has free choice.

    It is possible that you will take choice B, but given the human nature, you will take choice A. It has already been predestined to you, and your voluntary choice is drawn towards Choice A because of the "greater" benefits that it brings.


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