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  1. 1. Negative
    2. Positive
    3. 9=2m m= the money he lost each month. M= 4.50, Jared lost $4.50 each month
    4. He lost 0.6 cm each year. You divide 2.4 ( the total height lost) by 4 ( the amount of time) and get 0.6 ( the height he lost each year)

    Hope this is helpful!

  2. A Long Walk to Water Summary Chapter 1

    Southern Sudan, 2008

    Nya is an 11-year-old girl. She goes to fetch water for her family. It will take her half the morning to get there, but this part—carrying an empty water jug—is the easy part of the journey. She will endure heat and thorns in her feet along the way.

  3. 1. The passage depicts the civil war in Sudan through the eyes of a young child. ... For two years, there's been a war in Sudan. There are rebels in the south, fighting against the government in the north. Salva doesn't know much about these rebels, but he knows they don't want to practice Islam.

    2. The Lost Children persevered to overcome the hardships of war, starvation, thirst, displacement, and threats by wild animals. Many of them show respect, empathy, and integrity as they help each other survive these same hardships.

  4. 60.58

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Subtract the first 2 numbers which equals 64.67 then subtract 64.67 and 125.25 and you get... 60.58

    please brainliest??

  5. Counterclockwise is a rotation towards the left, as in the triangle will move to the position before it.

    The correct answer is the fourth option, triangle DEF.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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