Carlos is 3 more than twice Ella’s age. If the sum of their ages is 54 years, determine their ages.

Carlos is 3 more than twice Ella’s age. If the sum of their ages is 54 years, determine their ages.

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  1. The correct answer is A. To convince the audience to be vegetarian


    An outline is a list that summarizes and shows the contents that will be included in a speech or text through the main points or ideas, because of this, contents in an outline are organized hierarchically and divided into different sections each with main ideas and sub-ideas. For example in the case presented the letters of the alphabet in uppercase (A, B, C) are used to show the main ideas, while numbers (1, 2, 3) are used to indicate the sub-ideas or points of the main ideas. Additionally, in outlines, the main purpose of the speaker or writer is usually mentioned in the introduction and develop through multiple ideas in the body of the text or speech.

    In the case of the outline presented it is mentioned in the second idea of the introduction "I believe the world would be a happier, healthier, more humane place if everyone were vegetarian -- you should become one!", this suggest the author purpose is try to convince the audience to be a vegetarian because the author believes "the world would be a happier, healthier, more human place", additionally this main idea is related to other points such as animal cruelty that is explained in the point A and B of the body of the outline and negative effects of eating meat explained in the point C of the outline, all these points are supported with type of evidence that develops and validate the main point of becoming a vegetarian expressed during the introductions, finally in the conclusion the author refers once again to the idea of being vegetarian "I hope you all will make the right oral and health decisions as I have".

    Thus, it can be concluded the ultimate goal is to convince the audience to become vegetarian as all the information provided in the outline is aimed at showing the audience how vegetarianism will have benefits for both people and animals by improving the health of people and stopping animal cruelty.

  2. C.1because in the function table shown when you plug -2 in for x your outcome is 1.
    [tex]The table represents a function. what is f(-2)? a.-3 b. -1 c.1 d.3[/tex]

  3. D- data; changing attitudes, beliefs, or values

    Wow. That's a good outline! It's definitely persuasive with all of the data and numbers of how many animals die and such- I don't want to eat meat anymore!!

  4. I lined up the remaining accordingly because it was over 5000 characters.


    C- Strengthen; weaken

    A- Convince the audience to become vegetarian

    B- Persuasion

    B- To strengthen values for a political cause

    C- Change the audience's attitude towards vegetables

     All of the following are goals of a persuasive speech, except  B- To define, demonstrate, or instruct

  5. b. change their beliefs about meat


    A persuasive speech intends to make the audience believe a specific idea, by either weakening or strengthening ideas the audience may already have.

    If this speech, clearly against animal cruelty and defending vegetarianism as a healthier lifestyle, was aimed at people who work in the cattle industry, the main goal would be to change their beliefs about meat.

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