Change the color of font according to the uses of ethos, logos and pathos that you see. ethos in blue (there are 4 examples)

Change the color of font according to the uses of ethos, logos and pathos that you see.
ethos in blue (there are 4 examples)
logos in black (there are 3 examples)
pathos in red (there are 4 examples)
triple! - all three appeals - in green (just one example - found in the second half of the letter)

arguing with aristotle email
the other night, we received this rather unexpected e-mail from our 14 year old son, reprinted here with his permission:
subject: sorry to send this to you in an e-mail…
i know re-registration for school is coming up, and i’m also aware how happy both you and mommy are with me being there. the thing is, i have such amazing friends at the local public high school that (even though i may not show it all the time), i miss them so incredibly much, and i think about them every day wishing we had never split up. with such a perfect opportunity to continue our friendships together, it seems so stupid to me that we’re at different schools, when we could have all stayed together.
every day that i’m sitting in class and i go off into a daydream, i think of all the fun we could be having together, all the times we’re missing, just so that i can be at a private school with a good reputation. the truth is, the local public high school offers just as good honors classes, it just has a worse reputation because of some of the kids that go there. sure i’ve made new friends here, but i’ve been hanging out with them every day when i could be hanging out with my best friends every single day.
i know you probably won’t believe me on this, but i decided to go here on a sort of an impulse, and because of the excitement of getting accepted in to such a well-spoken of school. i’ve been regretting that decision just about every day since the first day of school. i sort of feel like my friends’ and my relationships are splitting apart, just because of differences between schedules.
also, don’t think that sending me to a private school is going to keep me out of drugs. i mean let’s be serious: high schools will have ample amounts of drugs no matter where i go, and i’m tired of all the racism, popularity contests, and disputes over who has more money. apparently where i go to school it’s cool to do drugs, put down others for not doing so, and so on and so forth. i’ve already found out that there’s no such thing as a perfect school, and whether it be a private or public school is just based on which families have more money.
now, don’t think i believe that none of this won’t happen anywhere else, because i’m not stupid. it just seems crazy for me not to go to a school with people i’ve known for so long, because these last four years are my last ones before we all split up for good.
i know there are grammatical errors in here, it might not flow very well, and i probably jumped around quite a lot, but i just want to say that this came from the heart, and i mean everything i said. just talk to each other about this. sorry that i sent it in an e-mail rather than in person, but i just thought i could say what i wanted on here without being interrupted.

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  1. Amerigo could work with school administrators, the principal, and private tutors to find the time, money, and classroom space for tutors to give after-school Italian lessons.

  2. Step-by-step explanation:

    Given that a high  school offers math placement exams for incoming freshmen to place students into the appropriate math class during their freshman year

    Set up hypotheses as

    [tex]H_0: Pass is independent of school\\H_a: Pass is dependent on the school[/tex]

    (Two tailed chi square test for independence)

    Contingency table is shows as below








    p value = 0.154

    Since p > alpha(0.1) we accept null hypothesis

    The pass numbers are independent of the school of study.

  3. The correct answer is B. Wilson High School offers science classes


    The word syllogism refers to a type of reasoning that consists of concluding something based on the information provided in two or more previous statements, which are called premises. This type of reasoning is part of deductive reasoning, in which general reasoning is applied to a specific situation or context, which in most of the cases imply that if the premises are true the conclusion should be equally true. Considering the previous ideas, in the case of the statement or premises "All city schools teach science" and "Wilson High School is a city school", the conclusion or statement that correctly completes the syllogism is "Wilson High School offers science classes", because this statement expresses a logical conclusion that is got by applying a general situation to a specific one as by understanding city schools teach science, it is possible to conclude there are science classes in Wilson  school which is a state school.

  4. 1 - What solution would you offer if you were Stella and there were budget cuts in your school?

    Instead of cutting the class for bright students, all three classes should continue, but with fewer funds. In other words, the funds should be reduced accross the classes.

    2 - Is Stella right that bright kids will do well no matter what? Explain your answer.

    She is partly right. Bright kids are likely to do well in most situations, however, this does not mean that all bright kids will do well in most situations, or that they will do better in an average classroom, than in a classroom that is catered to them.

    3 - At what age is intelligence set? Is there anything you can do to improve your intelligence score on an IQ test?

    According to most recent research, the brain seems to mature when a person is in the mid-20s, however, this does not mean that intelligence is "set" at that moment. Intelligence can be improved during most of adult life.

    To do better on an IQ test, a person should have healthy habits, and should also incurr in metal stimulation: puzzle, mental games, studying a language, and so on.

    4 - Should gifted students and below average students be integrated into the same class? Explain.

    Ideally no. If the students are very gifted, they will simply get bored. However, in case it happens, it can also have a positive effect and that is the bright students will probably end up helping the average students.

  5. B is the most realistic answer considering Amerigo's objective: to provide the students with one-on-one Italian instruction. The rest of them are not one-on-one and are pretty unnecessary.

    I hope I helped!

  6. B


    The author's claim is "Schools should do a better job of regulating what their students eat and drink on campus."

    The argumentative paragraph includes reasoning, but lacks evidence. Including the support "Many studies have shown that schools who offer healthy alternatives to traditional menu items have a reduced number of obese students." provides a statistical answer to strengthen the argument.

    The answer is B.

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