Classify the following organisms into their respective kingdoms1)Yeast2)Penicillium3)Rhizobium4)mushroom5)Amoeba6)fish

Classify the following organisms into their respective kingdoms 1)Yeast

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    [tex]Which type of fungus is shown in the diagram?[/tex]

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  3. Yeast - Fungi Penicillium - Fungi Rhizobium - Monera mushroom - Fungi Amoeba - Protozoan fish - Animalia


    The Fungi Kingdom is a kingdom composed, as the name says, of fungi, which are organisms represented by many species, among them: yeasts, mushrooms, molds, Penicillium and others. As you already know, fungi are eukaryotic and multicellular organisms (with the exception of yeasts).

    The monera kingdom is the kingdom formed by bacteria and also has several species as members. Among these species we can mention the Lactobacilli, Escherichia coli, Rhizobium (nitrogen-nodulating bacteria, very important for the natural fixation of nitrogen in legumes), among others.

    The kingdom of protozoa is very diverse and even has an organism that does not have any type of genetic, structural and morphological similarity, but in most cases, the members of this kingdom are heterotrophs, eukaryotic and unicellular organisms. An example of this is amoebas.

    The animal kingdom is made up of all animals, the most diverse and populous kingdom. All animals belong to that kingdom, including fish.

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