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  1. Check the explanation

    Step-by-step explanation:

    So multiple regression model is :


    So the calories in a triple whopper with cheese if protein=73 g, total fat=84 g, carbohydrates=52 g, and sodium=5.1 mg per serving is

    calories=[tex]6.53+3.84\cdot 73+9.14\cdot 84+3.94\cdot 52-0.69\cdot[/tex]5.1=1255.98

    Residual is :

    [tex]actual\, value\,of \,number\,of\,calories-estimated\,value\,of\,number\,of\,calories[/tex]


  2. B.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    If the total she payed was 320 including the electricians price per hour and the $70 for parts, you would subtract the $70 to get 5x.

  3. 16

    Step-by-step explanation:

    5% of 320=16

    Solution for What is 5 percent of 320: 16

    5% of 320.0 = 16.000

    Therefore 5% of 320 = 16

    (hope this helps can i plz have brainlist 😀 hehe)

  4. 320 minus 7.50 p


    the florist earned 320 dollars and then lost money due to having a competitor deliver, since we dont know the amount of people who chose competitors we use the term p next to the amount that p is worth because each time a customer uses a competitor it costs 7.50 out of the original 320.

  5. y = 69/14


    [tex]Solve for the equation y. 3/2 y+12=7/5 A) -320 B) -32 C) -80 D) 320[/tex]
    [tex]Solve for the equation y. 3/2 y+12=7/5 A) -320 B) -32 C) -80 D) 320[/tex]

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