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  1. Cultural diffusion was most advanced by the contact of business people with foreign cultures. A and B are definitely not correct as their impact is obviously not as important. C could be correct, but business people are those whom we should thank for today's cultural diffusion. It means that culture is all over the world - people are generally familiar with other nation's culture, and it's all thanks to business people who spread their culture when they go to work in foreign countries.

  2. necessary improvements in medical technology post-World War II occupation and education reform nation rebuilding and multi-national organizations the contact of business people with foreign cultures.

  3. The phenomenon of globalization has seen many corporations migrate their operations to foreign countries in the search for lower operational costs that would ultimately make them more profitable. One of the effects of this is the imminent international traffic of individuals who, either working for a multinational organization or being owners of their own businesses, will inevitably enter in contact with individuals with a completely different cultural background. Cultural diffusion serves as a tool that aims to facilitate interaction among individuals from different geographies and backgrounds.

  4. The answer is not C, just because nations political leaders were together didn't imply culture-sharing. the choice of B or D are better because Indians did relocate and the economy of western countries are far superior than 3rd-world countries.. large corporations and spread out businesses do exist.  

  5. Cultural diffusion was most advanced by "the contact of business people with foreign cultures". This has actually been most spread with the Internet, which connects people from all over the world.

  6. Cultural diffusion was most advanced by the contact of business people with foreign cultures. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the fourth option or option "D". The other choices can be neglected. I hope that this is the answer that has actually come to your desired help.

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