Describe geographical distribution of countries that have worst score? (2marks) what are the main characteristics

Describe geographical distribution of countries that have worst score? (2marks)
what are the main characteristics that have high values of these? (2marks)

[tex]Describe geographical distribution of countries that have worst score? (2marks) what are the[/tex]

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  1. HDI: Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Life expectancy: Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Enrollment ratio: Sub-Saharan Africa.

    GDP per capita: Sub-Saharan Africa.


    Sub-Saharan Africa is the most underdeveloped part of the planet, but it is also one of the most populous. This situation creates serious challenges for the weak and often irresponsible governments of the region and makes development difficult.

    The region performs poorly in virtually every area measured by the Human Development Index. Although there has been much progress in recent years, the economic development that has started to improve living conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa has been extremely unequal and not benefited all countries.

  2. 1. The countries that have worst scores are located in sub-Saharan Africa.


    On the graph that is shown we have several different parameters that are describing some of the countries. The countries that are having the worst scores are Siera Leone, Zambia, Niger, and Malawi. All these countries are located in the sub- Saharan region.

    A characteristic of these countries, and in fact most countries in this region, is that they are some of the least developed countries in the world. The living conditions are bad, the economy at a very low level of development, and the politics are very corrupt. All of that has resulted in the countries to be ranked at the bottom at pretty much all levels.

    Other countries that fall in this category are:

    LiberiaChadCentral African RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo

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    2. The countries that have the highest values are all countries that fall into the category of most developed countries.


    Opposite to the countries on the bottom of the lists, the ones on the top are the most developed nations in the world. The countries on the top of the lists are Iceland, Japan, Australia, and Luxembourg. These nations fall into the so called Western world, despite two of them actually being located far in the east.

    These countries are highly industrialized, or rather economically developed. They have versatile and highly developed economies, with the people having everything they need at disposal, and the politics being or relatively high quality. With the living conditions being as good as it can get at the moment, the people have much more wealth, longer lifespan, better life etc.

    Other countries that fall into this category are:

    LiechtensteinSouth KoreaFinlandNorway

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