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    1. Harmful Algal Bloom abbreviated as 'HAB' can be hindered by numerous variables as follows:

    Precise distinguishing proof of HAB Right transfer of natural materials, appropriate ventilation Bringing down of overabundant nutrients Persistently checking of water quality Adding helpful microscopic organisms to the water and so forth.  

    2. Potential energy is put away inside an item suspended over the ground in light of the fact that during suspension it has no movement thus no Kinetic Energy but Potential energy is there.

    3. The concentration of the Hydronium ion ([tex]H_{3}O^{+}[/tex]) in any solution is the deterministic factor of the extent of a solution's acidity or alkaline behavior.

    4. Rain shadows are the landscape to regularly accommodate deserts to their down-wind regions.

    A rain shadow is a dry area of land on a mountain run that is shielded from the predominant breezes.  

    5. Measure of precipitation and Temperature are two fundamental factors typically used to recognize areas of biomes.  

  2. Brother ur in collage do it yourself or i will tell prof. mike
    [tex]Idon't understand anythingsome studies suggest that drinking cranberry juice may prevent the develo[/tex]

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