Do you think walls are effective at separating nations?I

Do you think walls are effective at separating nations?

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  1. was a long, primarily nonviolent series of events to bring full civil rights and equality under the law to all americans. the era has had a lasting impact on united states society, in its tactics, the increased social and legal acceptance of civil rights, and in its exposure of the prevalence and cost of racism. in the south violence and fraud in southern elections from 1868 to 1876, which had reduced black voter turnout and enabled southern white democrats to regain power in state legislatures across the south

  2. question: write a report analyzing through articles of confederation.

    answer: the articles of confederation the united states constitution was written when the people feared strong government the new nation needed some kind of organization to hold states together to them fend off future attacks and make a stronger support system through the states and people the states bonded through a friendship that best served as a defense against a invasion and states were not allowed to use taxes as a way to discourage treaties, and states were extremely limited in their dealings with foreign nations the strengths were that the congress has the highest power in the nation because of   fear of monarchy congress had the sole power to declare war and assign treaties disputes between states and territorial issues were to be brought to congress and weaknesses were the lack of power given to congress the articles gave congress the power to pass laws but no power to enforce those laws if a state did not support a federal law that state could simply ignore it congress had no power to levy taxes or regulate trade.

    explanation: so like every argument they have strengths and weaknesses but in this case there were more weaknesses but they managed o get through it and make an agreement

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