Dog breeding is an example of natural selection. t f

Dog breeding is an example of natural selection. t f

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  1. Dog breeding is an example of natural selection.

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  2. Short True.

    Long Breeding is similar to natural selection in a few ways. The main idea of how it works is the same: The animals with the needed traits are able to reproduce, so in the next generation these traits are more common in the population. Mutations which enhance these traits are selected for, and they are also passed on

  3. False

    Dog breeding would be an example of artificial selection. That is, is follows the same processes in selecting for certain mutations as natural selection but is guided and directed by humans. The primary difference is that artificial selection is much faster as it can be directed and focused with intelligent guidance rather than blind direction from natural evolution.

  4. False. The dog breeding is not an example of natural selection.

    Further Explanation:

    The selection is the process by which those traits that are fit in the environment are able to survive more. They leave more progeny.

    There occurs two types of selections-

    1. Natural selection is a phenomenon wherein those organism which are better fit in the environment gets selected and survives more.

    2. Artificial selection is a type of selection which is done mainly by humans for their benefits. Those traits that is useful for the human are selected by them and others are discarded.

    Dog mates randomly with each other but humans select only those breeds which are useful to them. This selection has been done during domestication. During this selection some traits are lost and other traits are being selected purposely. It has been hypothesized that the humans selected the dog breeds through the domestication of wolves. The domestication of wolves led to loss of some of the aggressive traits present in them and those traits that was suitable were selected.

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  5. False because it would have to be w/o human interference while dog breeding is selecting certain dogs and breeding them specifically getting rid of natural selection. It’s unnatural

  6. The correct answer is F (False)


    Natural selection is a process in which, certain traits or features prevail over time as these give organisms an advantage to survive. This process occurs without the intervention of humans and leads to the evolution of species. On the other hand, in dog breeding, humans select specific dogs to obtain certain traits in the offspring of the dogs crossed. This implies humans manipulate on purpose some of the traits that prevail over time, and therefore artificial rather than natural selection occurs in dog breeding.

  7. False. It is not a natural process. Humans choose the desirable features of a particular dog and selectively breed it. These dogs have not adapted to the environment. This selection is mostly based on cosmetic reasons or other desirable features. These dogs prob wouldn't be able to survive in the wild

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