Dominant traits are always more common in a population.O TrueO False

Dominant traits are always more common in a population.
O True
O False

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  1. Option B.


    If a trait is common or not it has very little or nothing to do with if the trait is dominant or recessive but it solely depends on total copies of the allele present in that particular population.

    Dominant allele does not make an allele common, dominant term only explains that it expressed itself in presence of the recessive allele. For instance, the rolling tongue is not common even though it is a dominant allele and expressed in heterozygous condition.

  2. Question 1.. A. Question 2.. C  Question 3.. D. Question 4.. D. Question 5.. C.

    Question 6.. A. Question 7.. B. Question 8.. B. Question 9.. B. Question 10.. B.


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