During autumn, which of the following is true about sunsets?

During autumn, which of the following is true about sunsets?

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  1. I would contend that the right answer is the C) It suggests the narrator traveled without thinking of the time.

    Explanation: Just to elaborate a little on the answer, it can be added that in these introductory lines from "The Fall of the House of Usher," which Poe first published in 1839, it is possible to infer that the narrator had been traveling for a while ("during a whole day") and, suddenly, he found himself near his destination, his friend's house. There are no indications of him being lost or angry, so options B and D can be discarded. In addition, the syntax does not suggest a magical component, since he uses adjectives such as "dull," "soundless," and "dreary" to describe his journey and what he encountered along it, and those words do not suggest a magical setting.  

  2. (A) Hermit thrushes, if undernourished, are unable to complete their autumn migration before the onset of winter.


    Migration is a process in which the organisms migrate to location different than their native habitat. The factors that can be responsible for this is unsuitable season in the native habitat, lack of food and mates.

    According to the given situation, the Hermit thrushes when switch to berries those were previously exposed to insect diet may experience scarcity of nourishment. Thus will remain undernourished and cannot migrate in autumn season due to lack of potential to complete a long migratory distance and  may also die.

  3. Explanation:

    Hello! Let's solve this!

    The answers are:

    1- March 21

    2- December 21

    3- the particles move faster

    4- 300000 kilometers per second

    5- driving

    6- longer than those emitted by the sun

    7- Water vapor and carbon dioxide

    8- scattering

    9- The earth heats faster than water.

    The earth reaches higher temperatures than water.

    10- There is a greater percentage of water surface in the Sourhern Hemisphere

    11- Its temperature is strongly influenced by prevailing ocean winds.It has cool summers and mild winters

    12- Absorbing outgoing radiation

    13- deposition

    14- It contains more water vapor than cold air

    15- both a and b

    16- All of the above

    17- Subtropical high

    18- Day and flows torad the land

  4. All answers to the Earth Science, Meteorology: Part 1 Unit Test
    1. B. March 21
    2. D. December 21
    3. B. They move faster.
    4. C. 300,000 kilometers per second
    5. B. Conduction
    6. A. longer than those emitted by the sun
    7. D. Water vapor and carbon dioxide
    8. C. Scattering
    9. D. Both b and c
    10. C. There is a greater percentage of water surface in the Sourhern Hemisphere
    11. D. Both a and b
    12. B. Absorbing outgoing radiation
    13. D. Deposition
    14. B. It contains more water vapor than cold air
    15. D. Both a and b
    16. D. All of the above
    17. B. Subtropical high
    18. B. Day and flows torad the land
    19. Essay
    20. Essay
    21. Essay
    22. Essay

  5. blue stars have the highest surface temp

    stellar distances are usually expressed in light-years

    the measure of a star's brightness is called magnitude

    hope this !

  6. It suggests a coming storm.


    Syntax is the study of rules governing the construction of sentences in natural languages. Syntax is the part of grammar that studies the arrangement of words in phrase and sentences in speech, including their logical relationship, among the multiple combinations possible to convey a complete and understandable meaning. In this case, the author's syntax in this passage, through the excerpt "During the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens ..." indicates that a storm approaching.

  7. It sets a formal tone.


    There's no minor feat specially emphasized in the excerpt. There's also, no suggestion of something terrible to come such as a storm. There's no specific person that is introduced to us. In the end, it's a formal narration about the narrator's experience at that point.

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