Electrical conductivity is an example of what property

Electrical conductivity is an example of what property

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  1. Electrical conductivity is an example of a physical property of a substance. Electrical conductivity is a material's ability to conduct electricity.

    A physical property is  one that can be measured or observed without changing the composition or identity of the substance. Physical properties can be used to describe matter. Other examples of such include:

    1. Color - hue of an object as perceived by humans.

    2. Density - Mass per unit volume of a substance.

    3. Melting point - temperature where a solid changes to liquid.

  2. Physical property. A physical property is any pure substance that can be observed without changing its chemical nature.
    A Chemical property. a property of a substance that is observed during a reaction in which its chemical nature has changed.

  3. A) adaptation


    The elephants ears became the way that they are over a long period of time to adapt to their environment thus making it easy for them to hear hunters and predators from a far distance thus making them an adaptation.

  4. The ability to dissolve in water and to conduct electricity are examples of what? When matter changes, the most common form of energy released or absorbed is what? ... the energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms is this form of energy

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    Definition from Nolo Legal Encyclopedia

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