Explain some of the factors caused people to move west

Explain some of the factors caused people to move west

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  1. The desire for more land either to make farms or new homes.

    Later on, it was to go to California and Nevada for gold.

  2. Explorer immigrants were seldom pulled western because they desired to create a healthier existence.


    People got messages from colleagues or group constituents who had traveled west. Certain messages frequently mentioned a genuine life on the frontier. The important factor that attracted immigrants western was the chance to buy property. This supported to push people western in a exploration for new land and possibilities. The faith that immigrants were reserved to increase in the direction is usually pointed to as Manifest Destiny.

  3. The United States had a very significant population growth. The population went up to 23,000,000 (from about 5,000,000) in the span of only 50 years. Because of it, there were many people who were trying to find a way to provide for themselves heard of this opportunity in the west where there was low-cost farmlands.

  4. New jobs. And for freed slaves it gave them a new opportunity at a new life, but this turned into sharecropping.
    Another reason was because the government was giving away land for cheap, so people would move west.
    And there wasn’t a lot of space in the big cities which meant not a lot of living space .

  5. People began moving west because of the ease of land acquisition and the railroads that attract companies to that region.


    In the midst of the war, the representatives of the North, led by then-President Abraham Lincoln, fostered the so-called "March to the West", which was largely responsible for the migration of people to the West. The "March to the West" was a way of moving the population to regions of the country not yet occupied and, under the small property model, dismantling the "large property" project, promoted by the South.

    The Westward March became an intense phenomenon between the 1860s and 1890s. The facilitation of property acquisition in the West, provided by the Land Law, or Homestead Act, 1862, contributed to this intensity of people seeking adventure of a new life in untapped lands.

    The fact is that the "far west" became closer to US citizens in the second half of the nineteenth century. Westward migration also populated people's minds. The bloody wars with the Indians that occupied some of the regions, as well as the universe that revolved around the railway line, where the stagecoaches were and where the trains passed, produced the figures of the cowboys, the sheriff, the bandits and kidnappers, the brothels and many others. Not to mention the desert landscapes, typical of the American West.

  6. Pioneer settlers were sometimes pulled west because they wanted to make a better living.

    More info here: www.campsilos.org/mod2/students/life.shtml

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