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  1. The role of socialization is to acquaint individuals with the norms of a given social group or society. ... Socialization is very important for children, who begin the process at home with family, and continue it at school. They are taught what will be expected of them as they mature and become full members of society.



  2. To develop values and social roles that enable incorporation into the societyTo develop consciousness and learn how to care for ourselves


    The socialization that comes from the family teaches children the norms of social interactions, values, and beliefs. They transmit the social functions and principles that help the child adapt to society, develop morals and standards, and respect the ethics and norms that culture conducts. This is the first step of a child’s incorporation into a full member of society. Family is key when it comes to socialization as it is the child’s first connection to the outside world and other people, and, in return, to itself. The newborn child is completely dependent on others and needs the family or caregiver to survive and to be taught how to take care of itself. The socialization with family is the way we learn how o take care of ourselves, to control our impulses, and develop conscious thoughts and feelings.

  3. 6. Deductive reasoning does not need to consider variables


    10. Plants with fibrous roots are better for the environment for the environment than those with taproots for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

    -Fibrous roots need more water than taproots.

    14. How many nutrients do plants need to thrive



    I just took the test. Everything else was correct.

  4. 1. True (Rhizomes are a type of underground stem)


    3.C) The nutrition it provided livestock

    4.C) Opportunities for improved crops or new medication will be lost

    5.A) It protects the tree from harmful insects


    7.A) Deductive reasoning


    9.B) It's an important science in general

    10.D) Fibrous roots are very effective in getting nutrients from the soil to the plant.



    13.A) Why it happened

    14.A) 6

    15.D) Acquiring water and water-born nutrients

  5. A.


    Yes; Warren supports her point by noting, "For middle-class families today, it usually takes two incomes to get by."

  6. B) to demonstrate a lesson about the importance of scientific research
    The article focuses on the research done to conclude that the crater formed was due to a meteorite, not a volcano and further goes to mention the other hypotheses drawn from it, such as the craters on the moon. The final few sentences indicate that scientific research is also being done on other events.

  7. 1.) True 2.) False 3.) Rail roads, airlines, and films 4.) True 5.) Farming and Lumber 6.) Germany 7.) Great Britain 8.) 1917 - Germany began threatening American ships in the Atlantic Ocean. This changed public opinion, and most Americans supported joining the war. 9.) I got this problem wrong and the answer I chose on that was Acts of  disloyalty to the US were questioned and could result in arrest. (DO NOT CHOSE THIS ANSWER) 10.) Shipbuilding 11.) The Farming industry and protect Natural resources 12.) I got this one partial correct and I chose Workers often lived in Isolated  areas and shared bunkhouses that were filthy (dirty) and Most loggers made a lot of money, and they were treated poorly because people were jealous.  (For this question I got no clue which ones is correct I only got a 1/4 for this question, but I can assure you that all the other ones are correct.


  8. Women are the main breadwinners in two-thirds of families across the country. - Valid reasoning. This does support the argument by showing the damage the unequal pay does not only to those women, but also to their families.

    Employers pay different workers different salaries based on skill level. - Invalid reasoning. Women don't demand to be paid more than the men who happen to have better skills, but simply to be paid equally when they have equal skills.

    Paying people different salaries for the same work is discrimination. - Valid reasoning. That is the basic argument, leveled up. It would be the same as paying all blue-haired men more than the brown or black-haired, when they are doing the same work, with the same skills.

    Women's incomes are needed for the survival of their families. - Valid reasoning. Just like in the first case, this one shows that this issue doesn't only concern women, but their families - finally, their husbands, the very ones who are paid better for equal work.

    Women are ready to fight back against pay discrimination. - Invalid reasoning. This doesn't have anything to do with the issue itself. It is just a reaction to it, but it doesn't support it.

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