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  1. The brain is structured in 3 parts: rombencephalon, midbrain and forebrain.

    The robencephalon is a little evolved structure and therefore has a very simple and low complexity organization. It is divided into three parts: the medulla oblongata, the annular protuberance and the cerebellum. The robencephalon is responsible for functions that are basic and essential for our organism, in addition, that part of the brain is responsible for our movement. Despite being responsible for basic functions, injuries in any part of the brain can cause serious problems to the body.

    The midbrain is responsible for conducting the motor and sensory impulses essential for the full functioning of our body. Its functioning is very important for the full functioning of the organism, without the midbrain, or with the impaired midbrain, the body may present abnormal and strange movements such as inflexibility, spasms and tremors,

    The forebrain is the most evolved, developed and complex structure of the brain. It consists of the diencephalon, thalamus, hypothalamus and cerebrum. Due to its complexity, it is responsible for the most complex functions of the organism, being highly efficient and causing serious damage if it does not work properly.

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