Find the error3(x+2) + 3x = 363x + 6 + 3x = 366x + 6 = 366x = 42x = 7

Find the error
3(x+2) + 3x = 36
3x + 6 + 3x = 36
6x + 6 = 36
6x = 42
x = 7

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  1. 256π units²   (answer b)

    step-by-step explanation:

    the formula for the surface area of a sphere of radius r

    is             a = 4πr²

    and so, if r = 8 units, then the surface area is:

    a = 4π(8 units)² = 256π units²   (answer b)

    [tex]What is the surface area of the sphere shown below with a radius of 8 ?[/tex]

  2. step-by-step explanation:

    one of the most important purposes of surface treatment is to alter surface properties according to the requirement of specific applications. for example, hydrophobic coating has been utilized on windshield and eyeglasses. gold atom monolayer on substrate has become a popular surface bioconjugation strategy.  

  3. 6x=42

    Explanation: After the step 6x+6=36, it’ll equal 6x=30 because when you subtract the 6 on both sides, it’ll equal 30, revealing it’s actually 6x=30, with the conclusion of x=5.

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