Find the value of x. this is for triangles in geometry.

Find the value of x. this is for triangles in geometry.

[tex]Find the value of x. this is for triangles in geometry.[/tex]

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  1. An equilateral triangle is also called an equiangular triangle. All 3 sides are congruent. ( the same length)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    A triangle which has all three of its sides equal in length.

    Source for information:

  2. 2

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The French Revolution, if anything, was the most momentous event of the 18th century, even grander than the American Revolution. Its design, the causes, the results, and the ideology are so hard to perfectly pin down, so much so that there are many, many different schools of thought on it. There is classic historiography (Aulard, Lefebrves, Mathiez, etc.). There are the liberal

  3. 59.38 ft

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The person and his shadow form a triangle. The tree and its shadow also form a triangle. The triangles are similar triangles, so the lengths of corresponding sides are proportional.

    Let the unknown tree height be h.

    (person's height)/(person's shadow) = (tree height)/(tree's shadow)

    (75 in.)/(48 in.) = h/(38 ft)

    (25)/(16) = h/(38 ft)

    16h = 25 * 38 ft

    16h = 950 ft

    h = 59.375 ft

    h = 59.38 ft

  4. 24/6 = 4

    36/9 = 4

    <UTV = <LTM

    So triangle TUV is similar to triangle TLM by SAS

    Answer is B.

    Similar. SAS similarity; TLM

  5. Equilateral triangle: all sides are equal lengths, all angles are equal too

    Scalene triangle: has three different sides, all angles are different

    Isosceles triangle: 2 sides are equal, one isn’t, 2 angles are the same, one is different

    Acute triangle: angles are less than 90 degrees

    Obtuse triangle: angles are larger than 90 degrees

    Right triangle: angle forms a 90 degree angle

    Those are the triangles 🙂

  6. Another term for an equilateral triangle in geometry is equiangular or a regular triangle

    Step-by-step explanation:

  7. x = 7

    Step-by-step explanation:

    According to the midline theorem, a segment joining the midpoints of  two sides of a triangle is one half the length of the third side, so

    2x - 6 = 8 ( add 6 to both sides )

    2x = 14 ( divide both sides by 2 )

    x = 7

  8. just by using similarity of triangles we can deduce that (2x-6) is half of 16

    OR you can get it by applying Mid point theorem also.

    so 2x-6= 16/2

    so x=7

  9. Step-by-step explanation:

    Area of the shaded region = area of outer right angle triangle - area of the inner right angle triangle

    = 1/2×34×39 - 1/2× 18×21 sq inches

    = 663 - 189 sq inches

    = 474sq inches

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