Find x in the triangle / x° 14 / 14 / /50° 18​

Find x in the triangle / x° \
14 / \ 14
/ \
/50° \


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  1. 80°

    Step-by-step explanation:


    sides are equal therefore it is an iscocelus triangle

    exterior angle =180-50=130°

    it is iscoceles therefore base angles are equal and base angles are 50° and 50°

    sum of base angles +x°=180°(angle sum)




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  2. i you goofed up when writing this, because hnot is not a word minusf is not either. i cannot answer   because of that.

    step-by-step explanation:

  3. answer rather than having to add and subtract the measurements of the semi-circle, notice that the semicircle to the left of ad is actually identical in area to the blank semicircle-shaped space to the left of bc. so if we transferred the red semicircle into the blank space, we would end up with a square of side length 24 cm. the area of a square is s^2 = 24^2 = 676 cm^2.

    u also answered this so i think u would know but i am here to

    put in or use mine

    [tex]For the figures below, assume they are made of semicircles, quarter circles and squares. for each sh[/tex]

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