Four positively changed particles are at various distances from a changed plate. the particles are equally

Four positively changed particles are at various distances from a changed plate. the particles are equally changed and do not influence each other. which particle has the greatest potential energy? 1.a(lowest) 2.b(2.nd lowest) 3.c(2nd highest) 4.d(highest)

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  1. The dimensions of wellness do not influence each other.

    I'm pretty sure the answer is False.

    I apologize if I am incorrect.

  2. They cannot happen at the same time.


    Mutually exclusive events are those in which the existence of one situation automatically excludes the existence of another. For this reason, we can say that mutually exclusive events cannot happen at the same time.

    As an example, we can mention that you can quickly notice that a 50% chance of a coin falling in the face and a 50% chance of falling in the crown, because there is a chance between two possible situations. You can also easily notice that it is impossible to get both results at once, as the coin will not fall on both sides simultaneously. Therefore the probability of obtaining two results at the same time is zero and such an event is called a mutually exclusive event.

  3. 12.  The answer is; the satellite cools off by radiation

    In the vacuum of space, there is no medium for convectional heat transfer. Only electromagnetic radiation transfer energy through space. The satellite will, therefore, lose heat through infra-red radiation, not convection.

    13.   The answer is; heat will transfer to her feet by conduction

    When the beachgoer wears her sandals, he makes contact with the sandals and his foot and sandal becomes one thermodynamic system.  The heat transfer by conduction, as it passes through the skin, seeks thermal equilibrium.  

    15.  The answer is; elastic potential to kinetic

    The more the string of the bow is pulled, the higher the elastic potential energy it gains. This is because the string is stretched and has the capacity to restore normal size when released.  When the string is released and begins to rapidly restore, it transfers this energy to the arrow, pushing the arrow forward.

    16.    The answer is; Reduced friction means increased efficiency.

    By lubricating the moving components of the engine, friction is reduced. Friction causes a loss of energy as the energy is lost through heat as the components rub against one another. Reduction of friction, therefore, reduces this loss and more energy is channeled towards the drive shaft.

    17.  The answer is; It increases friction by air resistance.

    A parachute is designed to increase drag exceptionally hence reduce the speed of a moving object drastically. Drag is induced by frictional resistance. When the parachute deploys, air is impeded from passing smoothly over the parachute hence enormous air resistance is developed causing the space shuttle to reduce speed.  

  4. Independent Events

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Independent Events are events which do not affect each other.

    HTH 🙂

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