Gabriella8671 take ur own life please

Gabriella8671 take ur own life please

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  1. personally, i think the games do because it's actually them controlling it. this might cause them to think it's okay to do it for real. as for animated movies i think they are mostly fine because they're animated. also, animation has come a long way causing animated movies to become more real but 30 years ago this wouldn't be as big of a problem as today.

  2. it's all focused on the way you angle and put all of these this in pespective. say you wanted you artwork to be famous, you would want to align and put all of these into grasp. the imagery give off a good descriptive matter. proportion is aligned with the color and mood. balance is how you place everything and if there is too much or too little of. design is the main thing if you want your art to be amazing

    virtual smiles! : )


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