George Washington served as president for how many terms?1. One term2. Two terms3. Three terms4. Four terms

George Washington served as president for how many terms? 1. One term
2. Two terms
3. Three terms
4. Four terms

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  1. the correct sequence is 1.- George Washington 2.-American leaders could not decide where to meet.  3.- The Anti-Federalist 4.- a legislature that would fairly represent both large and small states.  5.-Article II  6.-Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.  7.- Debt   8.-He lost his second election to Thomas Jefferson.  9.-resulted in a conflict between France and the United States.  10.-The Alien and Sedition Acts  11.-the House of Representatives.  12.-by passing a trade embargo to punish these offending countries  13.-Meriwether Lewis 14.- Meriwether Lewis and William Clark  15.-General Anthony Wayne



  2. sentence 3


    IN sentence 3 you can identify a value judgement that can only be true when hold to the author standards, this is called a biased, he might think that George Washington was the best president, but you might ask someone else and he could say otherwise, in this case if you want to make the paragraph more objective you need to revise all sentences that contain value judgements by the author, in this case sentence 3 contains one, and that is the one that should be revised.

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